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Award Winning Property Search

Award Winning Property Search

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Award winning property search

I was delighted to learn today that No Place Like Home has won a Mumpreneur UK Bronze Website Award.

The criteria for winning a website award are:

  • The website should be easy to navigate
  • The website should be visually pleasing
  • The website should be clear and easy to understand
  • The website should contain ample information about the services provided.

Clearly our award winning property search website does all of that.

In the beginning

From the moment that I decided to create my own business I had a very clear vision of how my website should ‘feel’. The stark, corporate look was not for me. Instead, I wanted my website to be warm and inviting; to wholly reflect my business approach and who I am as a businesswoman. I love writing so I found that producing the content was an easy and enjoyable task. I had very specific requirements in terms of colour scheme and the images that were to be used.

My first task was to search for the right template for my website: a far harder undertaking than I had ever imagined. After many hours of trawling through several options, I found the one that I believed would deliver on impact in a visual sense.

Now I had the basis for my website, but with no technical background I needed to find the right person to turn my vision into a reality.


Award Winning Property Search

Realising the dream

A friend of mine had set up her own business the previous year and was able to put me in touch with a number of web designers, one of whom directed me to Mark Narusson. With an extensive graphic design portfolio, Mark was able to grasp my vision immediately. Furthermore, he used his extensive techy know-how to develop my website into what it is today: a visually pleasing, easy to navigate site that is informative and one that immediately conveys the ethos of my company to the viewer.

I am aware that a business website stands for just a part of one’s company, but it is where viewers first get a real sense of who you are, what you have to offer and why they should choose your service. Ultimately, a click onto one’s website is where viewers turn into clients.

Of course, as the website began to develop so did my knowledge of social media. Before too long I had gone from a twitter novice to a handle-owning, hashtag-using daily tweeter and regular blogger. All of my social media appearances as a property finder link seamlessly back to my website and, most importantly of all, I have an ever increasing client base.

The driving force

A website is rather like having a car: it needs regular servicing, tweaking and, of course, updating. So I am hugely grateful to Mark for having taught me so much about website ‘mechanics’; but I am also enormously grateful that he continues to offer constant support and expertise whilst both my website and business go from strength to strength.

Who knows, maybe next year my website will look like an Aston Martin, drive like a Ferrari and win the Gold Award?

If you would like any assistance with your London property search please visit or call Harriet Rowlands on +44 (0) 782 532 1564 to discuss your property search requirements.


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    Mar 4, 2015

    Well done Harriet!
    Great recognition and well deserved.

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