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Bring a Property Finder on board

Bring a Property Finder on board

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Bring a Property Finder on board

London can be a minefield when it comes to searching for the perfect home or investment property.

Which area do you choose and how do you ascertain what is happening in the local property markets? There are many factors that steer each individual property search, often in several different directions, so it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of all that is involved.

What is the answer? Bring a property finder on board. A professional, experienced property search specialist will work tirelessly to find the right property for you, giving you complete peace of mind and working with infinite discretion at all times.

Here are just some of the reasons why using a buying agent makes perfect sense:

1. Working for you

As a buyer, it is only right that you give yourself the best possible chance to find the best possible property.

It is the job of the experienced, independent buying agent to act solely for you, the buyer. A property finder will develop an in-depth understanding of your requirements, desires and property goals, and use their expert knowledge of the current local market and highly effective negotiating skills to find the right property for you at the right price.

Bring a Property Finder on board

2. Saving you time

Property finders will sift through numerous property details and view several properties on your behalf before shortlisting the best of the best for you to view. If you are in full time employment, new to London, have a young family or you are overseas, the knowledge that a highly experienced, independent buying agent is doing all the hard work for you is truly invaluable.

3. Saving you money

By the time many buyers contact a property finder they have been searching for their ideal London property for many months, but to no avail. During this time, property prices have increased meaning that they are forced to pay several thousands of pounds more for their ideal property. Buyers that bring a property search specialist on board at the onset will ensure a search of usually only a matter of weeks. The added benefits of expert advice and highly effective negotiating skills enable a buyer to acquire the best possible property at the best possible price. By using a property finder, the process is straightforward and stress free.

4. Listening to your brief

A professional property finder will always work specifically to your individual requirements, only searching and shortlisting properties that match your specific criteria.

I recently had a client who wanted to buy a family home in West/North West London. They had very clearly stipulated that they did not want a house with a small patio garden. After speaking to many estate agents I was sent details of numerous properties with exactly that: a small patio garden. This could have been very frustrating if the buyer had been representing themselves; thankfully, it was my job, as a property finder, to separate the wheat from the chaff.


 5. Contacts and Knowledge

Professional, experienced property finders have contacts that are invaluable to buyers. They are highly regarded by estate agents as they bring serious buyers to the table. As a result, property search specialists are often able to view properties that are off market: those that are not being openly advertised. Furthermore, they are often in contact with private sellers who work with them on a regular basis. A good buying agent will be able to advise you on the right London area for you. They will know the local property markets inside and out and will be able to put themselves in your shoes so comfortably that they will share your vision, but all the while remain objective.

6. From beginning to end

Most property search specialists will offer a full service that encompasses every aspect of your property search and acquisition. From an initial consultation with the buyer, to using expert negotiation skills and overseeing the completion of the property purchase. The property finder will liaise with estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and mortgage lenders on your behalf. The service is professional, discrete and is there to make every aspect of the property search process as effortless as possible for you.

Harriet Rowlands - Property Search Specialist

As the founder and director of No Place Like Home Property Finders, I understand all that is involved in property search and acquisition; I have built my knowledge and experience over a 15 year period of buying and selling property.

Prior to becoming a property finder, I was a teacher in leading London Independent Schools. As a result, I am able to offer a comprehensively tailored property search service that includes specialist knowledge of private schools for families wishing to relocate to all areas of London.

If you would like any assistance with your property search please visit or call Harriet Rowlands on +44 (0) 782 532 1564 to discuss your property search requirements.



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