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Isles of Scilly: rest, relaxation and, just maybe, relocation.

Isles of Scilly: rest, relaxation and, just maybe, relocation

house, TrescoIsles of Scilly

Having just returned from a glorious week exploring the magnificent Isles of Scilly, I thought it right to give you a little insight into why they could be the perfect place for more than just a holiday. If you’re needing a short break, taking a sabbatical or you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change you must consider the Isles of Scilly for rest, relaxation and, just maybe, relocation.

The islands

The Isles of Scilly are an archipeligo just off the coast of Cornwall. There are five inhabited islands – St Mary’s, Tresco, St Martin’s, Bryher and St Agnus – plus countless uninhabited islands to explore.

We based ourselves on St Mary’s, the largest of the islands, and were lucky enough to stay in a wonderful cottage on the Garrison that treated us to breathtaking views.

St Agnus

Every morning we caught the first boat to one of the other inhabited islands; St Agnus was our first and we were not disappointed.

Isles of Scilly

It was a perfect introduction to the unspoiled nature of these islands that gave us such a stark contrast to our lives in London. St Agnus is exceptionally peaceful yet perfectly untamed. Walking shoes, or at least sturdy trainers, are a must to walk around the island. Especially if the thought of Troytown ice cream beckons, which is made on the island’s very own little dairy. Ice cream in hand, explore the rocky outcrops to the west to tranquil beaches in the more sheltered coves.

We loved St Agnus for its raw simplicitity and it was our favourite until……

we went to Bryher. Wow!


As soon as I stepped foot on this island I felt like I could stay forever. Bryher has the raw beauty that we had come to expect, but with a few more (simple) amentities than on St Agnus. It is home to the award winning Hell Bay Hotel, which is the UK’s most westerly island hotel. Contrary to its name, it sits in a tranquil cove overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A little further around the island you reach Hell Bay cove, which became a notorious place for shipwrecks in the 18th and 19th century. As you can imagine, a walk along the cliftop above the cove is a feast for the senses. And, very quickly, makes you feel as rugged and fresh faced as the locals.

Isles of Scilly


Lying opposite Bryher is Tresco, an island with a very different feel. It is the second largest of the islands and is privately owned by the Dorrien-Smith family, on a long lease from the Dutchy of Cornwall. It boasts the most fabulous long, sandy beaches that are practically deserted. They are a beach comber’s and bird watcher’s paradise. However, it is certainly the most manicured island that we visited. And one that, however beautiful, failed to offer me the wildness that I had experienced so far.

Isles of Scilly

St Martin’s

Our final island hop was to St Martin’s, the northernmost populated island of the Isles of Scilly. For me, St Martin’s is as close to paradise as you can get. After a walk over the island from the quay, we found ourselves on a long, deserted white, sandy beach that literally took my breath away. It was so spectacular that it made us feel that we had landed on a paradise island in the Pacific.

Isles of Scilly

Rest, relaxation and, just maybe, relocation

So is the Isles of Scilly a relocation destination?

Are you ready for a complete lifestyle change? Ready to swap elegant clothing for outdoor gear and to be ruled by the sea and all the limitations that island life brings. Then the Isles of Scilly could certainly be for you. Most importantly, you would need to invest time and effort, and be fully committed to your island surroundings in order to be truly embraced by the established locals. Of course, relocation to this part of the UK would depend greatly on whether you are able to work remotely. Or start an exciting island business venture on one these enchanting islands.


Isles of Scilly, I shall be back. Initially for rest and relaxation, but in the future, just maybe, for relocation.

sunset, St Mary's

If you would like more information about relocating to the Isles of Scilly or require assistance with your move to London & surrounding counties please visit or call Harriet Rowlands on +44 (0) 782 532 1564 to discuss your property search requirements.







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