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Property Search: Your first family home in London

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Your first family home in London

Searching for your dream home is not an easy task, but this can be particularly true when trying to find your first family home in London.

As an experienced property search specialist, I have had many clients who are expecting their first child, determined to move from their one or two bedroom London flat in order to accommodate their imminent arrival. Most are keen to leave more central parts of the city for the quieter, greener areas of zones 2, 3 and beyond in which to find their first family home. However, when two are about to become three it is easy to lose perspective.

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Why moving to Ealing changed my life

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Why moving to Ealing changed my life

‘Why not move to Ealing?’ an old colleague of mine suggested when she knew that my husband and I were looking to buy our first family home. Having lived in Kensington & Chelsea for over 13 years I felt that I was moving into the middle of the countryside by comparison. Historically, Ealing is where the well-to-do sought refuge from the smoke and smells of the city. It wasn’t until the 1850s, with improved travel, that villages began to grow into towns and merged into the residential areas that we now know as Ealing. Read More