Property Search FAQs: Why use a property finder?

Property search FAQs

property search faqs

Property Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still operating during Lockdown?

Yes, during the current lockdown and following government guidlines I am able to view properties. I wear appropriate PPE at all times and kindly request that owners/renters vacate the properties prior to viewings. If my clients prefer not to attend viewings of shortlisted properties, I will share a video viewing with a full report on each shortlisted property.

Why should I use a property finder rather than contact estate agents directly?

Estate agents work solely for the vendor. And it is their aim to achieve the highest possible price for a property. No Place Like Home works solely for the buyer and uses its in-depth knowledge of the current market and expert negotiation skills in order to give clients confidence in the purchase price that they ultimately pay.

As an independent buying agent, I filter all property details and to search for and shortlist properties that only match your specific criteria.

How can I justify paying for a property search agent?

Many of my clients are overseas which makes sourcing and viewing properties impossible. Added to that, work and family commitments often mean that my clients simply don’t have time to do the required research to find the best property at the best price.

I am often able to cover my fees by using my expert negotiation skills to achieve the best possible purchase price for my clients.

I regularly view properties that are either being sold privately or that are not yet on the open market, putting my clients ahead of other buyers.

Do estate agents think that property finders take work away from them?

On the contrary, I have built up excellent relationships with multiple estate agents in London and surrounding counties. Estate agents know that I come to them with serious buyers; they understand that my clients are fully committed to a house purchase in their area.

What happens if you are unsuccessful in finding a property for me?

I’m proud to say that this has never been the case. However, in the unlikely event that a suitable property is not found, I will extend the contract for a further agreed period. Please ask to see my Terms of Business for more specific details.

What happens if I am not in the UK and unable to attend viewings?

No problem. I am able to offer video viewings; I will guide you through a virtual viewing of the property at a mutually agreed time.

Please contact us if you can’t find your answer in our property search FAQs.

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