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Moving House with Children

Top Tips for Moving House with Children

Top Tips for Moving House with Children

Moving house is often a stressful and daunting task, but especially so when you are moving your young family to a new location.

Your move will not just involve a new property, but an unfamiliar area and a change of schools. This can be an enormous worry and burden for parents, but try to take comfort in the fact that children are actually extremely resilient and rather enjoy an adventure!

Follow my top tips for moving house with children to ensure the journey to your new home runs smoothly:

1. Involve the children

Involve the children in your house move as much as possible. Once you have had an offer accepted on your chosen property, take your children to visit it (either in a virtual or physical sense) so they can envisage themselves in their new home. Show them their new room and engage them in decorating and furnishing ideas. Let them take the lead in deciding where and how their toys might be arranged and stored. If you are able to visit the area together before your move, walk around and visit any local parks, playgrounds and cafes/restaurants; everyone can familiarise themselves pointing out potential new haunts along the way.

2. Keep the memories

In the run up to your big move, it is often very therapeutic for children to make a memory book. Include photographs of your family in your present house, pictures of the garden and, very importantly, photographs of and messages from any friends and teachers that they may be leaving behind. Children will enjoy putting their book together: a special keepsake that they can enjoy for years to come.

Top tips for moving house with children

3. Let them pack

As much as possible, let children be responsible for packing up their possessions (or at least a portion of them). Ask them to create a ‘treasure box’ that can be filled with their favourite toys. Children love drawing a picture of their new house; they can stick this on their treasure box once they have labelled and decorated it to their heart’s content. This is something that can keep them occupied whilst parents are doing the ‘real’ packing!


Happy family in new house. Sketch on notebook page

4. Ask for help

On the day of your move, if your children are not at school, it is a good idea to ask family members or close friends to distract the children whilst the removal vans are being loaded. Don’t forget to ask for the treasure box to be added last so that it can be the first box that is removed at their new home. Parents are always glad of this when their children are immediately occupied upon arrival.

5. Settling In

Unpacking can often take days or even weeks, but it is a good idea to allow children to arrange their belongings, particularly any special toys, as soon as possible. Children are then surrounded by everything that is familiar to them, creating much needed comfort at a potentially unsettling time.

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